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Free Classes!

I like to see what I'm getting into before I commit to something and I'm guessing you might feel the same. On this page you can check out how and what I teach through the linked videos and audio files. I hope you enjoy and maybe decide to get in touch after taking a few.

Video and Audio Class Links

Somatic Yoga Class

This class is done on entirely on the floor. Movements are slow, fluid and rhythmic. Focus is on releasing tension from the hips and lower back. It is suitable for absolute beginners, but seasoned practitioners will enjoy the sense of release and well-being when they finish. About 60 minutes.  Somatic Yoga for hips and lower back

Yoga Nidra Audio Class

This Yoga Nidra class focuses on creating balance. It is about 30 minutes in length. Living in Balance Yoga Nidra 

Yoga Nidra Audio

This is a shorter Yoga Nidra practice. It focuses on self-love. About 20 minutes. Golden Light Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Audio

Yoga Nidra: The Circle of Protection. This Nidra practice is about 30 minutes long and is intended to create a sense of grounding, safety, and belonging.

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