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The best way to get in touch is via email:

My practice is on the north shore of Nassau County, NY. I offer yoga therapy sessions, yoga workshops, and professional development courses in Massachusetts during July and August.

Working with me:

  • Price: Initial meeting (usually 90 minutes) is $125; subsequent sessions are $100, extended sessions are $145.

  • I carry insurance and also require you to sign a release prior to working together. Prices are for working in my studio. If I travel to you, travel time is added to the session cost.

  • Work starts with an intake form that you complete and share with me several days before our first meeting. All of our work together is completely confidential.

  • In our first meeting, we will discuss and decide what we will focus on, how we will measure our progress, and how long we will work together on this project.

  • In our first meeting I will likely ask you about some of the information you provided. I will also ask you to stand and move in certain simple ways (forward bend, stand on one leg, squat, for example) to observe how you move and hold your body. I will also ask you to lie down and breathe while I make note of your breathing mechanics. I like to video these diagnostic proceedings so I can show you some of your patterns. I usually make a few still shots from the video and annotate them for you. This can really help our work.

  • People come to yoga therapy for many reasons, but they all come because they want something to change. It is unlikely for anything to change without, well changing – here I mean practicing what we work on outside of our time together. I will give you practices to explore on your own, often this is written and often I record audio or video files for you to support you in this journey.

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