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Therapies & Practices

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Somatic Yoga

Somatic yoga uses the work of Thomas Hana--Somatics-- to release tension and restore function to the body. Rather than simply stretching, somatic yoga engages your nervous system and teaches it core movement patterns that have been lost due to injury or misuse. Somatic yoga involves slow, gentle often rhythmic movements. It is the quality of how you move that matters most in this practice. Somatic yoga is appropriate for beginners yet offers deep learning and movement re-patterning for even the most advanced practitioners.

Muscles & Joints: Pain, Stiffness

Whether its from an injury or just from "getting older" many people have habitual pain and stiffness in parts of their bodies. Yoga is great medicine for getting things free and comfortable again. I like to start with a solid postural assessment so that we both can see and understand postural patterns that may be contributing to pain or stiffness. My postural assessment includes basic movements. The body moves in patterns and with injury, habit, misuse compensatory patterns that lead to pain and loss of function can set in, often under our awareness. Bringing awareness to any imbalances or compensatory patterns gives us a good starting point to get you moving without pain soon.

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Trauma Sensitive Yoga

This work focuses on developing the felt sense (interoception) of your experience; the skills of choice, action, and embodiment. Yoga is used to create new neural pathways.

Yoga Basics

Everything proceeds from the foundation and first steps. Learn how to approach yoga and how to manage your own experience safely in any yoga class. Yoga is radically gentle yet deeply effective - learn how to work in this way. Understand the basic poses and breathing techniques.


I teach many kinds of meditation, including movement meditation, visualization, sensation-based meditation, meditation to management pain and yoga nidra, as well as seated concentration practices.

Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia

Yoga practices restore and maintain wholeness. They equally address imbalance and pain in our thoughts and emotions, as they do in the physical body.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is an accessible approach to sharing the benefits of yoga with people who have limited mobility.

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Slow Flow Yoga

Slow flow yoga practices give us time to explore alignment, sensation, and breath, while experiencing the meditative quality of connection and flow.

Breath Work

Our breath is a doorway into our bodies, into our nervous systems, and into our emotions. Learning to work with the breath is transformative.

Outdoor Yoga

Outdoor yoga is fun! Sessions on a pop-up basis. Connect with me via email to get on the notification list.

Posture & Gait

The way we sit, stand and walk is something we repeat infinitely. Stacking the bones and moving with freedom are keys to pain-free longevity.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a kind of guided meditation practice that seeks to deliver you to a state in between sleep and wakefulness, where your subconscious can be accessed.

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